Saturday, October 2, 2010

U.F.O. Sighting In Cumbria U.K of black craft, photo & video here.

Bob Atkins, from Roanhead in Cumbria, accidentally the caught footage as he filmed his dog out playing.

Only when he slowed the footage down did he see the strange shape clearly, and instantly believed it to be an Unidentified Flying Object, (U.F.O).

This fuzzy shot has aroused the interest through-out the whole U.F.O-spotting world.

Expert Pat Regan has come to the conclusion that it can only be two explanations, a military project or a U.F.O.

Pat Regan said, “There has always been quite a lot of U.F.O activity in Cumbria, but I was amazed by the shape of the object that Bob Atkins captured. It is a perfect cylindrical shape. ”
“It appears in this video for about one second and you have to go into freeze frame to actually see what it is as in normal play it just appears as four black flashes on the screen.”

“Thank you Pat.”

The object was filmed on July 23, 2009 at 3.49pm, and only in the last few seconds of the last frame becomes significant as the phenomenon appeared from the north.

There are still numerous reports of UFO’s being spotted in and around the world.

In 1946, there was a massive reporting of over 2,000 sightings , collected primarily by the Swedish military, and isolated reports from France, Portugal, Italy and Greece.

According to a Gallup Poll, in 1993, it was said that over 15 million people had claimed to of sighted a U.F.O. Since that time many sightings are still being recorded.

Video is at

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